Interior Decorating Ideas: Using Color

It is amazing what color can do to the interior of a home and the effects that can be achieved with the right use of it. The proper use of color can make a small room look bigger or make a huge room seem cozy to our senses. Manipulating color may seem an extremely complicated skill to learn but with the right information and tools, using color in interior decoration ideas should not be that difficult. You will find out that color is the best design tool available to you.

Aside from the ability to visually alter the size or proportion of a room, color can set a particular mood, and it can make a room either seem warm or cool.

In using color in your interior decoration ideas, a simple color wheel will prove to be very useful. A basic color wheel should show the 12 most commonly used colors which are divided into primary color (red, yellow and blue), secondary colors (green, orange and violet) and the tertiary colors - colors created by mixing a primary color with a secondary color. A color wheel can help you decide what kind of color scheme to use in your interior decoration idea.

Bright colors can make an otherwise small room look bigger. Used bright colors to achieve an illusion of space if you're working on a small room that you want to look bigger. In contrast, using dark colors can make a big room look smaller. Use dark colors to achieve the effect of intimacy.

Colors too have certain characteristics that can affect our moods. The warm colors red, orange and yellow, make us feel warm in our minds. Red can increase your blood pressure, heart rate and even your appetite. You would notice that restaurants use red as much as possible. Using red in your dining room would be a good idea.

Orange creates a less powerful effect that red and is considered a friendly color that works best for living rooms and children's bedrooms. Yellow, on the other hand, is a color that grabs attention and can be used to highlight parts you want to emphasize.

Cool colors include blue, green and violet. These colors make you feel relaxed. Blue is ideal for bedrooms but not for dining rooms because blue promotes relaxation and can help you sleep but could suppress your appetite. Do not use blue in the dining room.

Green is the color of nature and can be used anywhere in your interior decoration idea of a house. This color a soothing and calming effect that's why it is used in hospitals, schools and workplaces. You can use light green in the bathroom and also in the living room. Kitchens and dining rooms can use a green accent.

Violet hues, favored by ancient royalty, are generally liked by children but not by adults. Adults prefer more of the rosier violets. As violets are not as popular as the other colors, be careful when experimenting with it. Try them out in children's bedrooms and play areas but not in living rooms or other parts of the house.

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